Boy are my fingers sore

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Doesn't take long to lose it, does it? I'm rarely picking up a guitar these days for reasons I've already spoken of. Tonight I played for two hours in preparation for a gig on Friday - just chords and lots of rhythm and a smattering of fingerpicking (it's a guitar and cajon duo gig so I need to make a big sound) and boy are my fingers sore. I've got an electric gig on Saturday, too. I dread to think what shape my fingers are going to be in by Sunday!


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    My fretting fingers are soft, after a few weeks away, and my nails would make a typist proud!

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    Yep.  I recently went on hols for two weeks and came back with soft fingers.


    The upside was that after a two week complete break, the first time I picked up the guitar I could immediately play a couple of runs that I'd been struggling and getting frustrated with and not nailing for some time prior to going away.


    Just goes to show that there's stuff around how the brain and the nervous system works that is a complete mystery.  To me anyway.


    Want to improve?  Stop practicing for a week!


    Best of luck with the gigs Derek.


    Cheers, Reg.

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