A new cover of Antoine Dufour's Spiritual Groove

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Hello! I just recorded a new cover of Antoine Dufour's Spiritual Groove, I'd be very appreciative if you watched and if you like my stuff subscribed to my youtube channel!  https://youtu.be/edVDrBD2xqw  Kind Regards,  Stewart. 


  • Reg SoxReg Sox Posts: 3,121Member

    Nice playing


    Cheers,  Reg.

  • geoguitargeoguitar Posts: 252Member

    I agree with Reg, on the playing.
    Now on the visual side of things I’ll leave it too TE (see bellow) as he is a very successful professional musician (a guitar playing musical entertainer who fills concert halls round the world) and in a position to be taken seriously.

    22 mins into this interview the guy interviewing says “lets talk about percussive guitar as it is in very in”.

    TE says (percussive guitar) is like a science experiment - like “OK you’ve got you’r motor skills and multi tasking going”


    From a purely musical point of view I like to run these types of guitar arrangements / transcriptions played back on my DAW on piano or orchestra or synth sample library to get an idea of the ‘musicality’ of the piece - is it ‘good music’ - to me, again we all individually get to decide this, taking out the medium of the doubtless impressive technique makes for v/interesting listening. I do this with my own compositions and vary harmonic and rhythmic and even tuning temperament other than the 4/4 major / minor western equal tempered scale

    Keep at it Stew, happy pickin 

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