Here's another new original by me

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Hot on the heels of "I Learned To Walk" and "Mortician Blues" here's another new original by me. This one was only written today. Trying to get a Norman Blake type thing going on - but I've yet to study his style so it's not really very close. This is the sort of thing that I can evisage me doing with all this flat-picking practice eventually - solo guitar/vocals with mostly strumming / cross-picking to create a full sound for a break and something different from the finger-picking.   


  • Reg SoxReg Sox Posts: 3,121Member

    Well played and sung there Derek.

  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member

    Wow - very impressive for musical composition, playing, singing and for lyric writing! Add to that being able to roll it all out so confidently in front of a video camera on the day you wrote it! There's no "tipping the hat", "applauding" or "not worthy" icon here so it's just from me.

  • lancpudnlancpudn Posts: 1,393Member

    That's very good indeed, Great vid & audio. Excellent Derek

  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,188Member

    Great Derek - like Mark P, I'm always impressed by the confident, assured way you reel these things off, as well as the high standard of it all. Nice song as well, enjoyed that, cheers. image

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