Health & Safety gone mad

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Is the Met Office becoming unduly Health & Safety concious, with all the warnings they put out? Once again we have had an Orange Warning come and go, with nothing happening for the affected area. I understand that giving a warning allows the public to make choices but personally I have had so many inaccurate Met Office warnings I no longer heed them. It is the old "Cry Wolf" scenario. Where was the warning for Wales and this morning's Tornado, or for the foot of snow that fell in the north west Highlands?Weather is so unpredictable in this country that the only way to be sure is to wait and see what happens.I know the Met Office had stopped making predictions, after businesses complained about how often the predictions were wrong, and how often the said businesses were making wrong decisions based on these predictions. Obviously that policy has changed.Another issue related to the weather is how Scotrail seems to cancel services at the mere hint of high winds. They never did this until fairly recently. Today, west coast trains were stopping at noon, due to forecast windy weather. We have very little electric powered railway in Scotland so it is not an overhead line issue. Is it because our signalling is controlled remotely (probable from a signalling centre in Jaipur)?I understand people have to be kept safe, but surely services could be run at reduced speed and not cancelled entirely. Again a case of Health & Safety gone mad.


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    Hey, one of my plastic garden chairs blew over.  I never got a warning.  Gutted.

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    Seriously I did have to brush half an inch of snow off my car this morning down in the soft south.  But I live up top of a hill - nothing when I got down into the valley.  Got snowed in a few times when we had a couple of bad winters about four/five years ago.  We were snowed in the village when a three mile hike down into the local town revealed hardly any snow left on the ground.  It's why I chopped my Jag in for a Landy - guaranteed no substantial snow since.


    Cheers, Reg.

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    I took my wife to work for 07:30 today and decided to put car in garage until it was time to pick her back up. I also put snow shovel in boot, so perhaps it was my fault we got nothing!

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