Scottish drink drive limit

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It was announced today that, for the three weeks up to Christmas, Scotland's drink drive figures fell by a third against last year.  I think this shows the effect the new Scottish drink drive limit is having on drivers. You cannot have a pint then drive home, and you cannot have a "bevvie" in the evening and drive to work the next morning, without seriously risking your licence. Most Scottish drivers recognise this and it is showing in the figures. Long may it continue to do so. It has certainly curtailed my consumption of fine Malts!


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    Any idea what it's done for non-tied house landlords (i.e. small businesses) during their busiest time of the year?  Also I guess the comparison figure is has the deaths and injuries due to drink driving fallen?


    I'm like you, I don't drink and drive at all.  But in the small village where I live we are now down to one pub left. We used to have two (actually I believe around 150 years ago there were about six in the parish, but they were different to what we think of as pubs these days).  The village couldn't sustain two pubs without people driving out for a pint in the country.  As less and less people did so, the non-tied house went out of business, just leaving us with the brewery tied house.  Nice enough, but no choice, and mid week often very quiet.


    I'm not sure what the answer is, but it would be nice for people who want to to be able to have one pint - it's not going to actually deter the habitual drink driver anyway.  I guess it's different living in towns and cities where there's public transport and taxis.  My nearest taxi company is a £20 ride away (i.e. that's what they would charge before they picked me up to then travel 5 miles to another village, and then the same going back).


    Cheers, Reg.

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    Luckily we have about 25 pubs in my little town. Well not luckily, actually. That's why I chose it as a place to live !

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