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My thumb (you'll recall I shut it in the car door a few weeks back) held up to two hours of having a thumb-pick attached to it last night. Hurt a little, but it was worth it to hear my marvellous playing.... In other news, it's the busiest I can ever remember it being at work, hence my lack of posts here at the mo', I appear to have inherited about five senior bosses, all of whom think I work for them and all of whom are bombarding me with very urgent work. My actual boss is in Thailand for three weeks so I'm doing his work, too. If it turns out my head explodes please give suitable testimony at the inquest. Think I might put a couple of Jeffrey Foucault CDs on my Xmas list. Probably my favourite artist at the moment - but I did recently buy a book of Caravaggio paintings. He was a good artist, too, but I think I still prefer Rembrandt. Not The Rembrandts, of course. Awful news about Phil Hughes, too. Who'd have thunk it in a game of cricket? Bad news all round. Oh... I've a new phone, too. My first ever smartphone   Cheapest one in Tesco (dark grey Friday!). You can get You-Tube on it and everything but it's got no numbers so I guess it's no good for phone calls... Hey ho. Back to it. CheersDerek


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    Glad the thumb is recovering.


    Agree with you re. Phil.  A complete freak accident the same as Mark Boucher.  I hope the cricket authorities don't go overboard with the safety aspects though, but I guess the fluorescent jacket wearing, clipboard wielding, can't park there jobsworths will hve to have their say.


    Condolences to Phil and his family, and my heart goes out to Sean Abbott as well.


    Lot of content regarding nothing there Derek.  I hope your work calms down a bit shortly.


    How about putting some opera on your Christmas list?  Tell you what, if I suggest an opera album for you, I'll let you nominate a Country album for me


    Cheers, Reg.

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