Shot dead

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Saw on the news this morning where, in the US, a 12 year old boy with an imitation gun was shot dead by police officers.  When told to put his hands up he reached for the gun, in the waistband of his trousers, and was shot.  A tragedy for all concerned.It took me back to an incident that occurred when I worked in Greenock. It was a summer evening and I was driving in for a 12 hour nightshift.  The final approaches to the factory was through the "badlands", and there at the side of the road was a 15 - 16 year old youth pointing what appeared to be an air rifle at the cars.As I clocked in I commented to the security guard at the door, "Christ, it is getting worse out there.  They are pointing guns at the cars".About half an hour into my shift I was called out of the Fab by security to find two police officers waiting for me.  The female sergeant then gave me a dressing down for wasting police time!  It was only a "toy gun" she said.  I was so taken aback I never got the chance to tell her I had nothing to do with the police being called.I have never gone out of my way to help the police from that day on.
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