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Hi guys. As discussed in the other thread I have set up the most basic of starting points for guitarbloggers.co.uk Now I need recruits! Anything you want to blog about - you can join.  It could be tuition, building, repairing, performance, experiences on the road, your guitar collection, beginners or advanced - anything about you and your guitar experiences.Your blogs will be categorised and tagged in a way that anyone looking for information in that area (or may just be fascinated by your personal story) can find it and learn more about you or the topic you are talking about. If you open a Facebook account you can actually log straight into this forum, the guitarads site AND guitarbloggers without using new login details and passwords.  You can also leave comments on other blogs. I will keep my eye on new registrations and posts - and try and begin making it all look nice! Please try and create at least ONE image per post so I can use that image for featuring on the cover page. Good luck!    


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