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  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 891Member
    Is that why Queen wrote Brighton Rock?
  • DaveH-UKDaveH-UK Posts: 11Member
    edited October 2017
    Something I'm missing here... tried to import pic url but it just shows the html origin and not the pic...
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 891Member
    You have to host the pictures somewhere else, like Flickr or Photobucket, then copy/paste the embed link. A pain, I know.
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,116Member
    Not Photobucket anymore, unless you want to pay quite a lot to get the 3rd party hosting. Flickr might be good. I've got an Imgur account now, but I admit I do find that a bit tricky to use at times, less than ideal, but does the job.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 891Member
    Ah, thanks for the update M. Flickr has a ridiculous limit, if there is one. The only trick is that you have to use the embed code and you can’t access that from mobile versions of the site. Drives me nuts!
  • Derek_RDerek_R Posts: 1,684Member
    One from last night, just before the gig, I call this "Ready, Willing and Able" after a Fats Domino song we do in Set 2:

  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,089Member
    Yeah ! Love that white strat.
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