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Tips to spice up your blues playingSo here we go, all examples in the key of A. A altered dominant scaleThis scale shows the influence of Jazz/fusion on today’s blues players.  It helps create tension over the v chord. (E7) before realising the tension when you return to the I chord (A7).  This scale will give you all those tense notes you need.Scale formula – R b2 b3 3 b5 6 b6 b7A minor 6 pentatonicBlues is built upon the minor pentatonic scale.  The minor 6 pentatonic scale is a great substitute for a regular minor pentatonic scale and gives a slightly edgier sound.  instead of a minor 7th this scale incorporates a major 6th. lovely!  The notes in A minor 6 would be A C D E and F#.....More London Guitar School tips and tricks on there way.ENJOY! 


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    Thanks.  Nice playing.  Don't know what the link to the headlamp washer pump is for though!

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