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Hi, i need some advice please as im a novice when it comes to effects pedals etc.I have a new pedal board that i have started to build up and, i have a problem with fact that, i want to know if it is possible for me to be able to switch from the boards effects, to my Marshall foot controller switch. I like the sound i get from my amp, when my gibson is plugged directly into it, but i want to be able to switch to the effects pedals when i want to. How is this done?Any advice desperately needed please, and appreciated. cheers.Will try to add a pic of the board and set up so far. 


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    I think what you are looking for is called an A/B selector, a pedal that allows you to route 1 guitar in and switch between either of 2 outputs - among other options but that's the one you are asking about. An example (ie. the one I have) is the Boss AB-2.

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    David Hi,


    Here are a couple of simple well explained options that might suffice.


    Also helps if the pedals you collect already have 'true-bypass'.


    Collecting pedals is such fun! And where to put them in the line too!






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    I'd guess your Marshall footswitch goes into it's own input at the rear of the amp (or somewhere other than the main input)?  If that's the case then you should be able to run your pedals through the main input and use the footswitch just like another pedal.  There's nothing to stop you using the lead/dirty channel on your amp and still boosting it with more overdrive via the board, or just using the clean channel and going dirty with pedals.


    Load it up and play around, if it sounds rubbish don't use that particular configuration again.


    It's all good image

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