Amp and speaker combinations

morgansofasmorgansofas Posts: 25Member
Hi All,I have an 80's Peavey Solo battery busking type amp, which for a tiny thing with a little no-brand 8" speaker is loud!  The speaker is 4 ohms and I got curious about changing it, so just for kicks...I plugged the head into the speaker of a Peavey Special 130 (so an open back 1x12" loaded with a Scorpion Plus).  Increased volume (efficient speaker), more bass response, reduced treble and greater headroom before distortion.  Middly sound but usable, presumably to maximise perceived loudness from a tiny combo. Next I plugged the head into a Fender Bandmaster 60s 2x12 closed-back cab that has Jensen C12Ks fitted.  More volume, more bass, less treble, big sound!  With a delay and a Tele, I got a pretty reasonable sound! Result: It was a bit of fun putting a tiny battery amp through a 2x12cab!  It was never going to be a contender for my Twin Reverb or even my Peavey Bandit, but eyes closed and ears open, it could have hacked it in a small gig.  I'm tempted to put the head into a spare 1x12 Fender Music Master Bass Amp cab that I have and adding tilt legs, although part of the fun of it is the portability.  Any else want to share other odd combinations or experiments tried?
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