36w dual channels modern tube guitar amp

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 36w dual channels modern tube guitar amp, ClassAB/A SW,Pentode/Troide, Power from 36w to 9w , Speaker emulation DI out connecting with computer directly . SMPT( Self Monitor Pair Tube) three 12Ax7, four EL84 tubes, Spring Reverb. FX loop, Active Presence control.
Out put: 4,8,16ohm, 2x8ohm, 2x16ohm; SMPT.
Control: Volume(Clean), Volume(Lead), Gain(Lead),
Reverb, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master, Presence.Recording studio: Aqua8 Player: Niels van der Van der SteenhovenFormer guitar, vocals of Focus 


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    That sounds totally gorgeous! Very much to my taste - lovely. I will have to start saving up - I could get along very well with an amp like that. image

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