Does anyone use iRig HD and iPad?

PipsterPipster Posts: 146Member
Does anyone have the iRig HD and use with it an iPad? I have the normal iRig but it uses the headphone socket so therefore you need to use headphones or attach speakers to the iRig device to allow you to hear amplitube. Does anyone who has the iRig HD confirm that because it doesn't use the headphone socket you can hear the sound from the speakers of the iPad? Thinking of upgrading to the iRig HD if you can use the iPad speakers.


  • HobbioHobbio Posts: 21Member

    I dunno mate but I can't imagine that the iPad speaker will do your guitar justice. I only have the iRig myself.


    I've heard that the iRig HD really cuts out the noise though.

  • PipsterPipster Posts: 146Member

    I still plan to use speakers with it. Its just for practing and having wires around it would be good just to be able to use the speakers of the iPad.

  • HobbioHobbio Posts: 21Member

    Fair enough image

  • fingersforbesfingersforbes Posts: 56Member

    I'm guessing the I-rig would be ideal for practice where noise might be a problem? Late at night or small apartments with thin walls etc?  Is the sound good/realistic through headphones? 

  • PipsterPipster Posts: 146Member

    Yeah the sound is good through headphones but with the cable not being long I have to add an extension which is then more wires. Whereas with the irig HD and playing using the speakers of the iPad the wires are minimal!!


    i can hook it all up to the laptop but that's more wires again and the only advantage with the laptop is the orange amp add ons that you can't get on iOS.


    i still will use the laptop and iPad with speakers but it's just at times like you say late at night just using the speakers of the iPad. i just want to be able to pick up the guiar and iPad an play it as easily you would play your electric unplugged.

  • fingersforbesfingersforbes Posts: 56Member

    That makes a lot of sense - thanks.  I teach and I'm often asked by students about playing quiet so for the electric guitar this would seem like a good way of doing so. For the acoustic guitar  I tell them to put a feedback buster in the soundhole and that quietens the acoustic right down.

  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,042Member, Moderator

    I got myself wireless headphones so that the only lead connected to my person is the guitar lead.  I use them with my Vox amp.

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