Berklee Practise Method

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The exercise piece I have been using over the past two years have come from the Berklee Practise Method, and though I have been getting John's own course notes I decided to buy the book for myself.It was only £14.39 from Amazon.It is one of a series which includes one for bass, drums, keyboard, Alto and Tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, violin and even vibraphone.  Each book teaches the same eight songs, the idea being that eventually all the parts can come together and form a band.I also bought the Bass versionwhich for some reason was only £13.54.  Perhaps there is a string tax along with the VAT!


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    That's a cool idea. Does it have backing tracks too? I don't know any vibraphone players lol.

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    There is a CD with about 40 odd tracks. The full thing, full track minus relevant part (guitar on guitar CD, bass on bass CD) and several pieces to practise against.  This for all eight pieces.  The couple of mp3 tracks I recently posted on "Starting Lessons" thread are the full tracks from the CD.

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    I might look into that then.

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