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A while back I was driving the car (to a band practice actually, but that's irrelevant...just adding a little colour to the story) listening to Bob Harris's show on the wireless when a Darrell Scott session came on. Now, maybe I've lived a sheltered life but I'd never heard of Darrell Scott before. I was blown away. Blown away to such an extent that I parked up outside my buddy's house and listened to the whole session (I could hear the boys in the band plunking away and I figured it sounded fine without me). Anyway, so impressed with Darrell Scott was I that the next day I ordered a CD of his off the interweb. Didn't like it. I tried to like it but I couldn't get into it. On the session, and on any number of amazing YouTube videos I subsequently watched, Darrell Scott was playing just guitar and vocals and it was always great. On the CD it was the whole band thing. It just didn't work for me. I couldn't figure it out, but there was no denying it. Until the other night. There I was standing in the kitchen, feeling - for whatever reason - a little melancholy. I was cooking chilli and drinking beer and I giving that Darrell Scott CD another spin, another chance. And man it blew me away. It...he...nailed my mood perfectly. Suddenly it all made sense and more than once the music sent shivers down my spine. Wonderful wonderful singing, picking, songwriting. Perfect. I couldn't figure out how I never liked it before, how it had got by me. It definitely got me wondering how many other wonderful albums I ought to give a few more chances to. Although maybe I'll draw the line at Usher. What prompted this message was the fact that very same thing - albeit slightly different - happened again last night. I've always been a huge - that's HUGE - Townes van Zandt fan. I think Pancho & Lefty is one of the greatest songs ever written. But I've always struggled with a few of his early albums. Yet last night, as I lay there flicking through my iPod in a bit of a melancholy mood (there's a theme here. But don't worry, melancholy is good. Especially if being a happy-clappy and listening to Whigfield's "Saturday Night" is the alternative ) I thought I'd give those early albums another go. And wow. Blown away.  How could I ever not have liked them, or at least struggled with them? So there you go. It doesn't happen often (to me, leastways) that the mood I'm in and the music I'm listening to are perfectly in synch...but when it does, then one realises nothing else matters. Music is indeed the vibrations of the universe, and when those vibrations are in tune like a decent set of bronzewound strings tuned to perfection on a dreadnaught with fine intonation, then all is good with time and space. Hey ho. That's today's lesson. Tomorrow, how the forgotten novels of Earl Thompson will change your life...
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