Diatonic Harmony

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"Diatonic Harmony" If you're new to theory, this phrase may appear intimidating. If you've seen this word before, you may be thinking "not again". Theory quickly muddies the water by coming up with intimidating sounding terms.  If you want to screw up explaining something simple in a hurry, bring "scholastic" and unfamiliar terms into the mix. What if we could learn "Diatonic Harmony" without needing the jargon?  This last sentence is the last time I'm going to mention the term.  From here on, we are going to define it. It all starts with the Major Scale.  Theory hangs everything on the Major Scale.  If you can write a Major Scale, you can learn theory and "the phrase which shall not be named any further". To start your journey, you need to be able to do 2 things: 1.  Write your ABC's2.  Count So, let's do a D Major scale!  Write D to D. D E F G A B C D Let's apply our counting skills!  Label the Letters 1 to 8! D E F G A B C D1 2  3 4 5 6  7 8 You're all set to learn to write the major scale!  We'll take more Baby Steps next time and finish this out! Till then, play well my friends!  Happy Holidays. rnbacademy.com  
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