Nitro touch up paint

Hi All

I'm now the lucky owner of a 61 reissue Gibson SG

It's in nice condition but there are a couple of very small chips in the lacquer on the headstock.

Reaearch indicates this is fairly easy to do. Anyone tried this?

I'll need some nitro touch up paint, can anyone recommend a website I can get this from?

I found this, anyone used them before?

Nitro Touch-up

Thanks in advance.


  • LesterLester Posts: 1,627Member, Moderator
    edited September 2016 has a good reputation for supplies.
  • divdiv Posts: 217Member
    I found a supplier on eBay (they have a proper shop) I can't remember the name as it was a fair while ago something like northwest guitar parts??? Or cheap guitar parts.

    As for the repair mine was to a couple of chips I used a cocktail stick to overtime dribble a little paint into the chip until it was night on flush then after a couple of weeks at room temperature gave it a polish (something I wouldn't normally do) it came out fine .. Was a little bit of trial and error though and mine were on the back so less important to get perfect... Which they are not but its not far off
  • Pete_BPete_B Posts: 28Member
    Nail varnish is a nitro finish, and comes with a handy little brush wink
  • AlidoreAlidore Posts: 528Member
    Nail varnish is a nitro finish, and comes with a handy little brush wink

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  • Working_ManWorking_Man Posts: 8Member
    Nice tip thanks!

    Was going to buy some specialist stuff. Its only a fiver but if nail varnish is nitro I might give it a go.

    It won't melt my nice SG will it wink
  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 895Member
    Fresh Nitro on old hard nitro melts the previous hard stuff and sort of blends in with the new. Allow it to set again, you might need several coats to 'build up' the area. Once it is set hard (weeks?) you can polish it hard to a shine. Clear nail varnish is your friend. ;-)
  • Mad MaxMad Max Posts: 32Member
    super glue!!!!
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