Superimposing Pentatonic scales

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Hey Guys

So in my latest video I'm covering the topic of Superimposing Pentatonic scales, I have spoken about it, (kind of) earlier but this is far more detailed and covers all the pentatonic scales that can be played over a dominant chord, in this instance over the blues.

Check it out, see what you think, if its useful to you, or if you have anything to add

Here's the link:




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    Brilliant. I will give that a go.
  • It reminds me of one of the most fascinating discoveries for me about minor pentatonic improvisation over a minor vamp - It was Robben Ford who made me aware of playing using all three minor pentatonics from the key.

    So for example, on the most basic level if you play an "A minor" chord you can play your A minor penatonic, D minor pentatonic and E minor pentanic all of which will give you various flavours of minor from the Key of C. Its an awesome way of getting instant jazz using pentatonics.
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