Use the minor pentatonic scale over 12 Bar Blues

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Hey Guys

Here's this weeks video, a short guide with a few options as to how you can use the minor pentatonic scale over the the classic 12 Bar Blues progression.

I really love the blues, especially for learning to compose melodies or solos's over changes, I'll be exploring it more in the next week or two.. or more...

Hope you enjoy the video, here's the link:

Let me know what you think.


  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member
    Always glad to see an enthusiast about the blues! smile I didn't pay it proper attention until encouraged to look at the genre properly a few years back by my better half. Wish I'd done that a long time ago.

    Composing melodies / solos using the pentatonics and modes is for me a great way to enjoy playing guitar and makes me feel good as an added bonus. I prefer the approach of trying to play what's in my head rather than relying on stringing learned licks together .... though that could be laziness making me less keen on the licks approach. grin

    I love the minor pentatonic, though the adding of modal notes is great to get an added extra flavour. Wish I'd realised just how closely allied to the pentatonics the modes are - a simple lesson in how to add the two notes of each mode to teh pentatonic scales opened up a whole new world of melodic playing for me after several goes at wrestling with the usual complicated methods of teaching modes which just left me baffled and frustrated.

    Somehow the minor pentatonic flows and feels much more natural to me in an improv than the major pentatonic.

    You're absolutely right about being able to hear the chord changes in the best solos. That has taken a long time to start to work for me - there's that process of building up brain / muscle memory to get to go to those right notes. Hitting target notes right going into chord changes takes some time to work too - but rewarding when it works.

    I've not tried the minor pentatonic based on the fifth over the 4 chord option. Sounds interesting - must give it a go.
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