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So a couple of weeks ago someone asked me if I could make a video on motivation in relation to studying the guitar... So I did... I make a few points that I think are most important and keep me going through the tougher times.

I think in the end my love and passion for playing will always get me through, I would never stop playing guitar, and I never find it to be a chore.

Anyways, so check out my video, see if you find anything useful, would be cool to hear other peoples experience or techniques for keeping them going.


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    There's good points in the video. cool

    "The reason for wanting to play being the root of motivation" - very true though I've found as the (many) years rolled by the reason for wanting to play has changed.

    I'm not sure in the early stages I knew what the reason was though - or if there was a reason it was probably very superficial. Happily in recent years after starting to play guitar again after many years break, my stumbling over a couple of teachers that added huge clarity as to how to play in a way that I could get enthusiastic about fired me up and got me a focus.

    So I'm not sure I have any techniques for keeping myself going. Luck to get to progress far enough down the road for it to become fun and creatively satisfying - and that's a huge load of momentum gained for a long long time (and a huge dose of luck!). Though trying new things ... maybe switching genres or playing altered tuning for a while when a plateau is reached and frustration bubbles into play can help.

    "Enjoying the journey as much as the final goal". That is a very good mindset. Though I think I'll take it a stage further and say I'm enjoying the journey which has no end - I have a strong certainty that if I reached a point where I thought I could learn no more I'd just be deluding myself. It's something that makes playing guitar such a great hobby for me ... with most other hobbies I have seemed to pretty rapidly reach a ceiling of my ability, often where physical performance means I can't really get much better. There are physical limitations with guitar but there are so many other techniques to still keep improving despite that.
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