What's the collective wisdom on this?

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After a lot of hunting I finally made my way down to Richard's on Thursday and came away with a Stonebridge G20 CM. I took my other acoustic, a Turner 72CE with me to compare, and Richard left me alone to play both, to see if my uneducated ears could tell the difference. I have to say that I could and consequently my credit card's been beaten up again and my one electric guitar is now on gumtree

So us left handers can find guitars with a bit of effort and help (thanks Richard).

Now my Turner spends it's time sat on a guitar stand in the spare bedroom (sorry - music room) but when I look on the Stonebridge website they recommend that guitars should be kept in a hard case. I also notice that on another forum there's a lot of agonising about temperature and humidity but I've took this to be just the work of our American cousins who live in extreme climates.

What's the collective wisdom on this? Is humidity an issue in the UK? Should all acoustic guitars be kept in hard cases when not being played?


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    For myself, if I'm playing a guitar a lot, I tend to leave it out of it's case, and I've never had any problems - that applies to both acoustic/classical guitars, and electrics. I think obviously try to avoid extremes of temperature and humidity, and don't leave your guitar near a radiator, but I reckon it should be OK not to keep it in it's case if you'd rather not. But I am interested to hear what some of the others have to say on this.

    Any chance of a pic of the new Stonebridge?
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    Humidity isn't really a prob in the UK if you live in an average UK home environment ie you don't leave your guitar in the garage overnight or against a radiator. I'm on the west coast of Scotland with RH <> 75 - 98% this time of year - never had an issue. BTW it's low RH that causes the probs with acoustics - the wood dries out and because it's held in a ridged structure, soundboards / backs and sides can split as it shrinks.
    Just treat yer guit sensibly - it'll be fine
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    The trouble with having a guitar in a case - when you're as lazy as me - is that when it comes to picking up a guitar to play I go for the easy option and take one off a stand.

    I don't think I've had any problems with leaving acoustics or electrics out of cases though I'll not have them near radiators or windows .... Especially Windows Vista grin
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    Thanks for the responses. I'm relieved because as Mark P. says the act of putting the guitar in the case, and taking it out, every time seems to somehow inhibit you from picking it up as readily.


    Picture attached hopefully Megi.
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    Or maybe image not attached. I'll try to master this web thing and have another go.

    Now edited and visible I hope!
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    Originally Posted By: Harrythecat

    Now edited and visible I hope!

    Nope and the previous link isn't working for me either
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    Edited again!
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    How? Use the image's URL, not the web page that hosts the image.
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    Originally Posted By: Lester

    How? Use the image's URL, not the web page that hosts the image.

    Lester - thanks for that. I would have thanked you sooner but my broadband router has died. When it's replaced I'll try that
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