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Hello, I'm new to guitaring and having always had an interest in it, I've finally started to have lessons with a very good teacher. I'm learning with a Brunswick steel string acoustic and I'm really enjoying it. I have learnt some notes on strings and my teacher is getting me to do workouts every day-up to an hour-to develop my fingering skills etc. That is starting to come along nicely and I'm now building up from accuracy towards speed. I'm sure as time progresses I will get better. I look forward to posting updates of my progress on here, and I'm sure I'll have lots of questions.

Happy Guitaring!



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    Congratulations, Rich, and welcome to the forum. If you among the entries in the new Forumites Personal Diaries section you will understand that we will encourage you to doas you say you will and post updates of your progress. It will come especially helpful when you hit a plateau and get frustrated; it happens to us all but with the help and encouragement of others you will get through those times.
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    Hello mate, and welcome smile
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    Welcome Rich. Plenty help and encouragement to be had here.
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    Hi Rich!
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    Hi rich,

    I started learning about six months ago after talking about it for years
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    All the best rich and keep at it and most of all Enjoy

    as im sure you are .. you also Foggy all the best smile
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. Will take a good look around the forum. Got my next lesson later today (sat) at 10am in Rockbottoms in Croydon.

    My story pretty much echos foggys in that I've been going on about learning for years and have now finally taken it up.

    Good luck foggy.
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    Welcome to the forum Rich. smile

    Hope we can all give you useful advice and encouragement on your journey of learning to play the guitar.

    There will be rapid improvements and occasional plateaus where everything seems to stagnate mad - we all know those. But if you can just keep working at it you'll get past those. Always new things to learn, which makes the guitar a great hobby to have.

    Good luck anyway - look forward to reading about your progress.
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    Thanks Mark. Progress recently has been pretty quick (see my updates in the diary section) and love it. Seeing the progress being made really excites me and at times I don't want to put my guitar down.
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