I have recently purchased an Aranjuez ‘Senorita’ guitar (slightly shorter scale length and narrower nut) which I am very pleased with. I have just noticed that the saddle is shaped so that the action gets progressively higher from the high E to the low E. It increases from just over 3mm to just over 4mm across the strings (measured at 12th fret). This must be deliberate but I have not seen it before and expected the action to be fairly constant as on my previous classical guitars. I can’t think why it has been done this way other than perhaps to bring the left hand fingertips into contact with the bass strings slightly sooner giving better awareness of where they are. Or maybe it gives the bass strings better resonance.
Psychologically it makes me feel that the guitar is less playable than it could be as I have smallish hands and fingers and I have to depress the bass strings a greater distance. I am thinking of experimenting with straight and curved saddles to see if I can improve the playability.
Are there any expert opinions or explanations on this topic? Thanks in anticipation.


  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,017Member, Moderator
    Guitars have a slightly higher action, towards the bass side to allow for greater string movement as it vibrates. If you find the set up on this guitar compromises its ease of playing, by all means experiment with alternative saddle profiles. However, I would recommend you keep the original saddle intact, just in case you want to return to the original set up.
  • KateMossKateMoss Posts: 3Member
    Thanks for the explanation and good advice Jocko.
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