3 pages of FREE tabs

SteveMcBillSteveMcBill Posts: 5Member
Just in case any members may be interested there are now 3 pages of FREE tabs for acoustic fingerstyle guitar over at my website here:

My Tabs http://stevemcwilliam.co.uk/guitar/tab.htm

Friends Tabs http://stevemcwilliam.co.uk/guitar/friendstab.htm

More Tabs http://stevemcwilliam.co.uk/guitar/dadi.htm

Some of the tunes can be seen embedded alongside the tabs or at my YouTube Channel here:

SteveMcBill's YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/stevemcbill

Cheers - Enjoy.

SteveMc's Guitar Pages http://www.stevemcwilliam.co.uk/guitar/index.htm
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