Acoustic guitar strings

Hello was looking for some advice on acoustic guitar strings i have a hohner mc05 which i have had for years.
due to broken strings i changed them for some strings that came with the guitar they were stagg pro acoutic i think they are brass strings (well gold coloured) but i dont like the sound now it sounds strange high pitch tone to me and it is tuned properly i personely prefer standard acoustic sound.
i should point out i know nothing about guitars and a total beginner i had the guitar for years just never played it long enough until now.
i do have some ernie ball strings but some of the strings in the pack say electric or acoustic and some of the strings in pack say electric.
any advice most welcomed like i said i am a complete newbie


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    The Hohner MC-05 is a classical guitar. Classical guitars are not strong enough to use strings meant for acoustic (which means steel-stringed folk acoustic) or electric guitar. Over time the neck will warp.

    There are classical guitar strings, £6.50 from
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    the top 3 plain,non-metal strings should be made of plastic.
    Go into a guitar shop and ask for spanish/classical guitar strings,or google
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    Cheers for the advice guys i went into colbecks not to far from me and they sorted me out £6.99 a set.
    more practise for me now practise practise practise
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