Westfield E7000 ES335 copy

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I've just seen a Westfield E7000 ES335 copy. It looked quite nice actually, although Westfield are one of those brands where you wonder why they didn't come up with a better logo. I didn't try it as I don't think I'm going to spend £200 on a second hand Westfield. But I was surprised how nice it looked. It was hanging up with Burny, Indie, and other ES335-a-likes, and a Gretsch semi-hollow, and the Westfield didn't give anything away to the others in terms of how nice it looked. To my eyes at least.


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    Sounds a bit pricey for a s/h one...

    I've seen them retailing new for around £180.
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    Reviews suggest there are minor issues, such as poor quality machine heads, and more importantly limited access to the electronics. Other than that a good guitar, the reviews say. But the limited access to the electronics is a biggie.
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    Any 335 style guitar has its "problems" with access. Most of them are easily overcome with a bit of ingenuity and care working through the pickup holes... ;\)

    There are little tricks like wrapping thread or fishing line round the pot shafts before removing them so that it's easier to guide them or their replacements back into place.
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    I youtube'd Westfield guitars. Didn't find any good examples for electrics. But going off topic here, can't hear much wrong with this acoustic sound:


    Singing's very nice too IMHO.
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    Mine is my main squeeze! Nice neck, plays well after a pro setup. Bought it new for 115ish with an old epi hard case case in 2002ish. Super bargain. It does have a visual grain mark in the fingerboard which maybe put other ebayers off.
    I've upgraded(?!) the neck pickup for a cheapo Chinese P90. Access was an issue, I just cut the wires from pickup to pots & soldered the new ones onto the tails.
    Mine is the orange colour, it does have a stacked heel & scarfed headstock so economies in the build but plays nice & sounds great for what I want.
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    Glad you like that Davee, many a good tune played on so called budget guitars.
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    That is a nice story Dave. Thanks.
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