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I've only played a Vintage V100 once, but thought it felt really nice. I've always thought the AV1 looked pretty nice, and wasn't it designed as a bit of a step up from the V100. Maybe.

I've noted that an active forum member seems very knowledgeable about Vintage guitars, so I would like to hear more.


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    good upper fret access. nice fret markers. pretty much seth lover humbuckers. (he passed on the design to trev wilkinson in some way.) the roll control is great. single coil, full humbuckers or just slightly on for a no noise p90 ish tone. i'm not 100% on the wood but it is not stripey african stuff which i do like and is on my v100 gdl. tuners keep in good are not snot green!
    the finsih is better although is poly. even so i used to think nitro was too sticky on my old sg. the tone is vintage not high gain stuff but they have the alnico overtones in the sound i don't hear in ceramics... with the right amp i think classic rock can't be beat. but go give one a go. i want the one with p90's next.
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    Thanks. How would you compare the neck on the AV1 versus the V100?
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    i'm not sure. my gdl is pre wilko. (i have wilko tuners now.) as far as 50's or 60's profile... i dunno. i would have said the gdl is slimmer and better for me as i don't have big hands but i may be wrong on that. (60's.) i certainly enjoy the av1 better now i have light 9-42 strings. i seem to play a little while and mold to the guitar. i have a high-ish action as i play clean or unplugged alot and don't like buzz. i assume the av1 would be a more 50's profile like an sg or epi g400?
    on a strange note the gdl which seems to be african mahogany has a lovely woody smell the av1 does not have. out of my line up it's the only one that has that smell. it's a bit like ylang ylang. (the essential oil!)
    oh yeah the maple top is basically a "veneer" but i don't mind that as i prefer the les paul custom in the variax workbench, that one is all mahogany, with no maple top.
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    Thanks for the information. I'm sure I'll be back asking you more nosy questions soon enough \:\)
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    All the V100 gdls I see these days have P90s. Is this, seemingly humbucker, V100 a pre-Wilko one?
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    Mmmm mini 'buckers. I love the tone of the originals. Can't tell you if that one is pre-Wilkinson but I'd expect so.
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    thats a gdl. (gold deluxe?) the newer version with wilko's is the v100wr. it's got a nice stripey african(?) mahogany back. they are alnico 5 mini hums. pre wilko tuners. (i got my wilko tuners for £10.) mine was a bit dented in places. but then i got mine off ebay! the finish is not the best in places but it could be down to the previous owner. it is not routed to take p90's. it's heavy and has a lovely smell to it.
    the cons are white plain fret markers. access to higher frets is not so great. in fact the repeat "a" (17 to 20 frets.) is a little bit of tough and not many would try the repeat "b" (19 to 22 frets.)
    there is no coil tap but then it's a good thing as gfs's are fairly cheap... but as yet they don't have gold mini's unless you swap the covers. i had a look under mine to check the magnets and a swap would be fairly easy.
    unless this is re routed it's only for mini's which may be a shame to some!

    ah yes lets see. the original gold top was with p90's (up to the year 1956.) the 57 model had humbuckers. the deluxes i think were later when they had old epiphone stock pickups and sold these on lp bodies as "deluxes" in the early 70's. mini's are great and get featured in thin lizzy etc.
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    Hi - you have a V100 with gold top and gold hardware and mini-humbuckers?

    I just picked up a used one with that spec (and green tuners). I'm trying to date it / find out anything I can about it .

    Are you saying the V100wr is the gld but without the gold top? Certainly looks like mine except for the colour.
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