Carlsbro TCR 60 Combo guitar amp

NickWNickW Posts: 9Member
Back in the late 70's as a teenager I had a Carlsbro TCR 60 Combo guitar amp. I sold it and gave up playing when I went away to Polytechnic. After 20 or so years I've taken up playing again and use Marshal Valvestates and a Vox AD50 VT. Anyhow, I've been searching and can't even find a picture of one on the internet. The TCR 60 was brilliant - 2 channels with reverb, super loud and from what I remember - a great tone. Probably warmer than an AC30 and mellower than a Marshall. I have found a schematic from the Carlsbro forum, but want to find a pic' to verify it is as I remembered, and then maybe (hopefully) to track one down to buy.
Does anyone remember this amp or have any information on it?


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