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    I will be very interested in the "more to follow". One encouraging thing I can say is that I have been extremely impressed with the compressor models on the Helix (and also the Boss MS3 I had before), and in fact prefer them to anything I ever tried in a separate pedal.
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    Well I missed the Jam session Tuesday due to man flu, but I did the first gig Saturday at a pride event. It was outdoors on a quick chance festival stage, so the very portable quick set and go of the HX was a bonus. It was just a 45 minite set so I forwent Wah and other ancilliary pedals.
    I shall need to adjust the various gain/output settings, at stage volume the 'extra' bit of volume really jumps out. I had configured the boost to do that rather than feel hopeless when I'd got to 10 on the guitar and had no more options. I had configured a 'synth like' sound for one song, again the level of aggregated drives/comp etc. made me reach down to catch the guitars volume. These things can be sorted.
    Overall the festival stage was typical in that it was very loud but the monitors were distorted and kept feeding back. Once we'd got them turned down to within thier capabilities it sounded much better.
    So overall I'm going to stick with this HX unit, next gig looks like a month away, so I've got some playtime to get things slick.
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