Megi's Jazz Odyssey - the return



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    Hope the rehearsal went great and that you fitted in. Best of luck for Saturday.
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    Sounds like a fun gig Megi. One of the reasons I do dep stuff is to push myself. I lack any kind of formal musical training and the only lessons I ever had were from the woodwork teacher in the odd lunchtime session at school in the early 70s.
    As a consequence my style is very much my own but lots of bits stolen from the greats on who's shoulders we all stand.
    I like that you realise what you can do to improve and are doing something about it, I sometimes try and wing it a bit too much and my lack of formal training bounds me in as well as forces me to seek alternative or simplified parts.
    There is a youtube workshop of the late great Tommy Tedesco (the greatest most recorded guitarest you've never heard of) where he blatently admits to not playing the stuff he can't on the first or second run through, he even skips stuff on the real recording. But he says he always plays in time and if he misses a few notes out nobody (or hardly ever) notices or says anything.
    For anyone that wants to be inspired, this man has it. (it's a hour long so get a cup of tea and sit down).
    Let us know how the gig goes, I bet you do well.

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    Thanks Jocko - the rehearsal was good - "fitting in" is a good thing to think about, I was definitely trying to do that, and think I largely succeeded. The keyboard player is a superb musician, and very nice chap, and gave me a few useful pointers at times, which was appreciated.

    Tommy Tedesco is a name I do know - I remember him writing a column in Guitar Player magazine years ago (wish I'd paid more attention to that now), but he has a reputation as a man with amazing music sight-reading abilities. Still comforting if even he talks about missing out bits he can't immediately play though. Thanks for that link ES :)
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    Out of interest, I took the black-burst Shine SIL-510 to the rehearsal (fitted with magnificent Ben Fletcher humbuckers that he only charged me £50 for the set ), plus my Polytone Minibrute amp. It sounded great - can do the jazz archtop-ish thing when needed, but it's versatile enough to also handle some of the more modern numbers, or funky kind of stuff, or whatever, also.

    I will be taking the same setup (plus a backup amp) on Saturday - the amp will be miked up though.
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