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    Megi said:

    Of course, he still has much to learn - he's breaking one of the rules of jazz by having a guitar with 24 frets, not to mention the tremolo. These young upstarts, honestly, what can you do? :D


    LOL Very good points. I'm not sure that maple fingerboard is adding anything Django or Wes-like either.
    I think he can get away with it, thanks to his facial hair and French accent.
    Yes, the maple fingerboard, shocking stuff. That would be acceptable, but crucially only if it was a telecaster - the tele in fact being one of the very few solidbody guitar models acceptable for playing jazz in the first place. But yes, the beard and French accent do give him a natural advantage, also the glasses of course - so he does have some potential... :D
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    I'll give him time. Sometimes kids can grow up and surprise you... ;-)
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    I'll give him time. Sometimes kids can grow up and surprise you... ;-)

    lol :D
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    Just a report in for the old diary thread - had a day trip in York yesterday, and as is my custom, I did the rounds of the city centre music shops. One new one to visit, which was RWB Music on Castlegate. This is a small shop, and unusually also combines with a business selling e-cigarette/vaping paraphernalia - and why not? :D Anyhow, I went in with my dad, who is getting on, and was glad to be offered a seat. I said I was just in for a quick look, not buying anything I'm afraid, nice-looking Eastman semi-acoustic you have in the window by the way. Before I know it, I'm shown to a comfortable seat, the Eastman is plugged into a nice Laney valve amp and handed to me to try. I had a pretty good play on it, and a fine guitar indeed. The owner also showed me a couple of Ibanez archtops he had in, since I'm into jazz (nice) - I'm sure I could have tried those at length too, but declined - we had a chat, and I explained I tend to favour semi-acoustic type things for the sustain and flexibility. But what a lovely shop anyhow, friendly, no pressure, an enthusiastic owner who knows his stuff, and amazingly well stocked for such a small space. All too rare in this world really.

    Also popped into MOR Music, just off Fossgate - has to be said also a nice place to go, and a friendly word from the girl behind the counter, if they had a guitar I was interested in, I'd certainly shop there (they didn't on this occasion :D ).

    Also also popped into Banks Music Room - in the electric guitar area, they can mainly be summed up by saying cart loads of Epiphone and Gibson guitars, all displayed prominently on one long wall. A great place to go if you want such a guitar, although there is something of a soul-less corporate feel about the place these days for me. They also have good stock of Fender/Squier, perhaps a few Gretsch things, whatever acoustics (didn't check the brands) and not much else. Friendly young assistants, I suppose fair enough, but for me a bit ho hum...

    Walked past Red Cow music, didn't go in - nice place for the acoustic, folk-oriented musician I'm sure, not really my thing tbh. It being away from the city centre, I didn't visit the huge Gear4Music warehouse/store, but will have to one day.

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    What a lovely day out. I tend to think that your personality is such that you bring out the best in shop owners and assistants. I hope your dad enjoyed it all.
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    Very kind of you Lester, thanks! My dad only made it with me to the first two shops (RWB and Banks) and then we split up so he could visit a book shop - but he did say he found it interesting, and like me he liked the sound from the Eastman semi-acoustic (a second-hand T186 model, in very good condition, advertised at £700). We did have a good day overall - I did the music shops in the morning, then went for a stroll around the city walls in the afternoon.
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    Nice to hear that York has a good buzz about the local music stores. I had the pleasure to do a one off visit of York in the summer so the Cathedral first day and the next morning the Railway museum. But in between we walked into the city and after dinner went into two bars doing live music on a Wednesday evening (one an open mic). Such a lovely atmosphere and great to see a live scene on a night different to a Friday/Saturday.
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    Cheers ES - yes indeed, I agree, a nice buzz in York with the music shops, and I'm sure the live music scene too. I must put the railway museum on my to do list for a future visit - haven't been since I was young. Still free to get in I understand, which is amazing.
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    Potentially dangerous to the wallet are these wanders round guitar shops when not intending to buy! But you obviously have good willpower. :smile:

    Red Cow would be dangerous territory for me. A fair range of decent makes in the low / mid budget area, but as with many places only Martins in the upper price bracket.

    I've noticed Richard being very enthusiastic about Eastmans (electric and acoustic) in recent videos and it seems like you share that enthusiasm for the one you tried.
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    There's a Gear4Music place you can look around? How cool.

    I didn't realise York was such a hotspot for guitar shops. I have family there so may thave to make a diversion at some point. I daren't try an Eastman though. I just know I'd need it!

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