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i was just wondering if there were any more colours on the way for the finished strat bodies? (I'm on the lookout for grafiti yellow and bubblegum pink ;))

also, when there are more series r guitars, will there be any 'interaction' between the custom shop section and the series r guitars? i can't think of a better way to word it, but im sure you know what i mean...right?



  • Very short of time NAD but in brief...

    Colours will be limited to what is available at the supplier.

    Series R - I want to see how people react to this over the coming months - The reaction purely from shop customers has been overwelmingly positive (why shouldn't it be? - Its a great guitar that looks and feels lovely).

    If Peter creates his own custom shop kit he may well want to brand it as his own - clearly he will be very much involved with Series R and all players who own one will know it plays as well as it does becuase of Petes set ups. Beyond this we have not had time to discuss future ideas - Far too much going on as it is!
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    i sprayed my strat pink, lot easier than waiting, and im good at it so it dont look pants \:\)
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    cool, have any advice on what to do?

    should i strip down the paint and then spray paint it or just paint on top?
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    yeah what yer wanna do is go to your local halfords and get loads of sand paper (ranging from rough to very fine).

    sand the paint off.

    buy some acrylic spray paint in your colour (halfords car paint is spot on) then spray the paint on.

    get some varnish/laquers (or what have you) then when that dries, whack another layer on, put around 6 layers on, for good luck \:\)

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