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Forum Regulars will remember that a couple of months ago, I was the lucky winner of the Cort G-250 guitar on this forum. When I was told that I had won, I promised Richard that I'd review the guitar for the forum, so here goes.....

My first impression when the guitar came out of the box was "Wow!!!". I couldn't believe the quality of the guitar for the price. I would have expected a guitar selling at £229 to have had many corners cut during production, but the overall quality of the instrument was extremely high.

The hardware is all in a "brushed chrome" finish, which not only looks the part, but feels it as well. The roller nut just makes the tuning of the guitar unbelievable stable. Add to that the Wilkinson trem, and you have a guitar that looks and feels like it should have cost 2 or 3 times as much.

OK, so what does it sound like? Instead of waffling on for hours, I'll tell you a short story that I hope will sum it up for you. Before the Cort arrived, my main guitar was an Ibanez RG-270. Alongside this, I used another couple of Ibanez electrics, and an Ibanez acoustic. That all changed on the night the Cort arrived. I can honestly say that during the gig I played that night, the Ibanez guitars didn't get a look-in. The range of sounds available from the Cort completely removed the need to change guitars between songs, and the stability of the tuning meant that I didn't have to tune it through the 2 1/2 hour gig.

That said, I do have one minor criticism of the guitar. On one song in our set, I need to get a lot of feedback. The Ibanez seems to sing beautifully on the feedback tones I want, but the Cort doesn't want to go there. Still, if you want a guitar that'll feed back like an Ibanez, buy an Ibanez!

In summary, if you're looking for a top quality guitar on a budget, the G-250 is all you need to think about.



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    At last I've got my computer working again, dont you hate it when you turn on your pc and it suddenly starts going mad and keeps crashing - bloody annoying things.

    Anyway seeing as you have a cort chilli do you know why the tone knob can be pulled up? - it just doesnt seems to be any purpose to it \:\)
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    Ooh ooh - a question I know the answer to - ooh!

    That my friend is a coil-tap (I think thats what they call them) it basically turns your humbucker into a single coil.
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    Damn, beaten to it!
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    Nice review Chilli!

    I've tried the Corts and been very impressed indeed.

    To be honest though, I think one of the main reasons for the lack of feedback is down to the 'Mighty Mite' being single wax potted. This means they are quiter and less prone to interference but you lose the 'easy' feedback (of the microphonic kind) that Ibanez and Epiphones can do.

    BTW - LOVE your signature on the first post......hahaha
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