ibanez sa160 or jackson js20

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i was going to be buying an ibanez sa160 from regent in february...but then i discovered the jackson js20..

they have almost the exact same spec as each other.

looks wise, i prefer the ibanez.

the js20 can be found here!

and the sa160 can be found here!

help mee!


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    I ain't tried either, but they both look cool, you'll like whichever one you get. Personally I prefer the look of the Jackson, although that might be to do with the nice shimmery light behind it. mmmm.
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    I'd take the Jackson in a heart beat! Lower end Jacksons rock. The only thing I dont like about them is their floyd rose copies, but the JS20 has a vintage trem, so it doesnt matter. Jackson all the way!! \:\)

    They really do feel like guitars from a greater class. Go Jackson.

    BTW, notice how the Jackson is a "JS" but the Ibanez has a boty in the shape of a Joe Satriani model?
  • nadnad Posts: 1,983Member
    But but but... what happens when i want to be the first ibanez customer ;\)

    ill have to try out the jackson...the ibanez plays like a dream so im gonna have to put it down to playability \:D
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    I vote Ibanez.

    I very much dislike lower end Jacksons.
  • ZombieSheepZombieSheep Posts: 220Member
    Both my Ibanez electric (EX-170 and RG-270) were low-end guitars when I bought them, and both of them are great guitars. I can't praise Ibanez enough for their contributions to my playing. They're both wonderful to play, and have some great sounds....
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