double fat tele's ?

nadnad Posts: 1,983Member
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do any of you guys know of any double fat tele's ? (pref. fender) i can get squier ones but...theyre squier

i saw a double fat tele in a maple top (without scratchplate) and it was gorgeous, this is the kinda thing im after




  • LooseMooseLooseMoose Posts: 1,716Member
    Don't discount the Squier Double Fat tele....the one with the carved top?

    Beautiful guitar....with a pickup swap it would make a trusty and great sounding, giggable axe!

    They are actually quite well built, and the glued neck, together with the humbuckers and fixed bridge give a nice cross between Tele/P90/Les Paul.

    Great guitars!
  • nadnad Posts: 1,983Member
    yep theyre the ones. they come in nice colours, blue mettalic, red frost mettallic and black mettalic.

    still for the money i'd prefer ibanez \:\)
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