What's the view on crafters?

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Just tried out some Crafter electro acoustics.....fine guitars!

Was really impressed with the D6....a middle of the range guitar, but quite well featured.

What's the view on crafters? Seem to rival Tanglewood in the value for money stakes and look the part too!



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    I got a Crafter Electro FX550eq (I think) about 3 years ago. Nice enough guitar, reasonable unplugged sound, maybe a bit thin, pretty good amplified sound with the mids cut on the eq, especially thru a good amp. However, it needed a good set up to make it playable above the fifth fret, and now I've noticed serious fret wear, where the treble E string touches. Also had a loose nut, loose jack, loose sound hole trim.
    I suppose this is acceptable on a budget guitar, (not the fret wear, tho').
    Soon as i have some spare cash, I'm getting a Yamaha APX.
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