We left-handers pay more for our guitars

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We left-handers pay more for our guitars because we are in a minority. If a guitar manufacuter were to start charging the same price for a model, irrespective of whether it were for a left or a right-hander, they would probably sell so many more left-handed models that they would still be able to make a decent profit - and acquire a loyal and ever-grateful following in the bargain.

Well, that's the thought of biased old me. Are there any people who do charge the same for left and right-hand models?


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    what surprises me is that no-one
    would dare overcharge any other minority group for puchases made,
    its said by manufacturers
    that the tooling costs are more to make lefties.................
    what i say is lefties unite you have nothing to lose but your plectrums \:D
    has there ever been an all left handed band
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    You should visit the Leftorium run by Ned Flanders.
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    Originally posted by kooper:
    You should visit the Leftorium run by Ned Flanders.

  • At Regent Guitars we are making a major effort to track down all left handed models and make sure that you know about them via our catalogue. We have created the left handed section too so that you do not have to get too depressed looking at all the models you can't buy!! \:\(

    I am sorry that you do get such a hard deal and we will continue to do all we can to help.

    What is strange is that in most guitar shops you go to, you will be lucky to even find a handful of left handed models on display! The maths behind this do not add up!!

    Lack of leftys is usually down to laziness rather than the actual demand on the street.

    What is the actual statistic? 1 in 10 left to right handed? I am not sure

    If you know what the stat is, please tell me. ;\)
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