NASD? New Amp Stand Day

dharma66dharma66 Posts: 829Member
NASD? New Amp Stand Day, of course  I only play at home (violins please), and usually sitting on the end of the bed. My amp sits on the floor, and it's a bit of a beast, and I've been struggling to tilt it back. The problem is, I can't read any of the knob labels from where i sit, and the are so many darned knobs, I lose track of what's what. So I usually end up squatting in a cramped bit of space twiddling to get the tones I'm looking for, then just giving up when cramp sets in... Not any more:  Thirty five quid from Amazon, and now not only can I sit on my bed and twiddle my many knobs to hearts content, but the sound is now directed to me, rather than the divan drawers. Sounds much better
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