I've always fancied a Jaguar

Blue DogBlue Dog Posts: 53Member
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I've always fancied a Jaguar but their short scale has always put me off - I'm a six-footer with quite big hands.
I always enjoy listening to Marr talking about guitars and how he gets his sound.
In this vid he explains the extensive road testing he did on his new signature - the wiring config sounds intriguing. Its interesting to know how much time artists put into the development of their sig guitars too.


  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,163Member
    It is a nice guitar - basically he's just got them to fix all the issues with the Jaguar it seems to me!
  • stickyfiddlestickyfiddle Posts: 355Member
    I love me a good offset. And Marr really seems to have nailed it with his changes. I don't dare try one as I'll want it too much..
  • daveeff101daveeff101 Posts: 10Member
    Except he said that it was easy to catch the tone switches but they haven't changed anything have they? (Other than function.) There must be a way to lock them / make them stiffer?

    I've just got a V100 - never played a LP style before & have caught the selector switch once or twice!
  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member
    It is interesting to hear the amount of thought that has gone into making the guitar work for him. It sounds very good in his hands.

    Quite some price hike on the standard Jaguar, but that's the normal for signature guitars I guess. The Bare Knuckle custom wound pups will probably be a part of that hike.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 944Member
    Oo I love 24" scales. I built a guitar with one just to see how it would be and it's easily my favourite scale length. Fewer stretches and just easier to play. I haven't tried a Jag but should put one of these on my shortlist.
    I like the changes Marr made. The four way switch with a series option would be cool. But I'm wondering how much like a humbucker that would sound as he has the pickups the same polarity. Bit odd.
    The whole thing doesn't really seem that radical - replica pickups and a couple of rewirings. But hey, if you have to be Johnny Marr I guess you'd have to buy one. You could save a lot of money by buying an MIM, a soldering iron and replacing the pickups (even if you had to get Bareknuckles!) .
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