How many styles do people try to play in?

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Well, it's friday afternoon, and I'm waiting for the clock to get to 5:30. At times like this, my mind tends to wander, and I suddenly thought "How many styles do people try to play in?" You know, widen your musical horizons a bit and draw influences from different styles.

I try to listen to and play as many different styles as I can get my hands (and ears) on.

What about y'all?


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    Well it monday morning, so I play in one style, bored and bored! (or is that two?)

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    Got hold of a few Jazz scales lick etc. They keep you on your toe's I find them good practice for the more usual stuff I play
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    Yeah, I went to a workshop at the Marsden Jazz festival last year (don't ask how I got roped into that one!!!) and really lerned a lot in just one hour. Lots of new and interesting chords/scales.

    Kaj is bang on with this one. At first, it sounds a b******s thing to do, but worth the effort.
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